Texas Air Corps

The History of Texas Air Corps

The vision for Texas Air Corps began during the summer of 2020. Mike Miller, a CFII and pastor, was serving on a mission trip to Kingdom Air Corps (KAC) and was convicted to start a similar ministry in Texas. KAC provides incredible training for missionary pilots, but they only operate between the end of May and the beginning of September. What if training could be offered year-round instead of only four months of the year?
One of his instrument flight students during this mission trip to Alaska was Gabe Johnson, a missionary pilot in training and LeTourneau University engineering graduate. After talking about the idea of training pilots in Texas during the winter months, Gabe and his wife Amber moved to Jacksonville, Texas, in order to start Texas Air Corps (TAC).
In the three years since the inception of the TAC idea, God has faithfully provided for the ministry. Through a member of Central Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Texas, TAC was given access to a beautiful, 2700-foot long grass runway along with a small cabin and two aircraft hangars. Kingdom Air Corps provided a Cessna 170, which Gabe and Amber were able to overhaul with assistance from a local mechanic in Gilmer, Texas. Additionally, a member of the TAC board has given access to his privately owned Piper Cherokee 180, which is used for instrument training. All in all, God has been faithful to bless the beginnings of Texas Air Corps. We pray that God will help it takeoff in the coming years!