Texas Air Corps

Director Bio


Gabe and Amber Johnson serve as our directors. Gabe is from Houston, Texas, went to LeTourneau University for his undergraduate degree in Materials Joining Engineering and his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Amber is from Glendora, California, and also went to LeTourneau University for her undergraduate and masters in Mechanical Engineering. Gabe and Amber met at LeTourneau and were married in 2019. While students at LeTourneau, they were introduced to the idea of using their engineering training in the mission field. This led to their involvement in several missionary aviation projects, focused on South-East Asia. Shortly after their wedding, Gabe and Amber headed to Alaska to learn to fly through Kingdom Air Corps (KAC). Gabe has worked on one pilot rating each summer through KAC; starting with his private in 2019 and completing his CFII during the summer of 2023. Amber received her Private Pilot License in September 2020, tail-wheel endorsement in 2021, and is currently working on her Instrument Rating.

Personal Bio:

Long term, we feel called to serve as missionaries and as engineers. Since we are gifted with technical minds, we enjoy sharing God’s love by meeting physical needs for people. Once people have their physical needs met, they can then become open to hearing the gospel. While most of our mission work has been aviation-related, we are glad to meet any of the big physical needs: transportation, food, water, and power. For example, Amber and I had the pleasure of serving in a small village on the Thai/Burma boarder a few years ago. We were working with a local, native circuit-pastor that regularly visits around 7 villages and multiple schools. This village took drinking water from a small creek that was mixed with farming runoff. While the villagers knew to boil the water, they used a substantial amount of fuel to boil water daily. During our week in this village, we built 3 gravity-fed water filter systems while teaching a couple of villagers how to build more systems. While we were doing the construction project, the pastor spent time visiting people and handing out audio bibles. We realized at that point that we had a great thing going- the pastor speaks the native language while we don’t; and the pastor didn’t know how to build water filters but we could do that. Since we were meeting the physical need, the people were willing to listen to the pastor providing for their spiritual needs.

God has called us into missionary aviation work, and so far that has included: building experimental aircraft, siting and clearing jungle runways, repairing donated aircraft, training as pilots, and training new pilots. We are excited to see how God continues to lead us as we follow His will for our lives, and as we work with starting up Texas Air Corps. Thank you for your prayers and support!